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Deviantart-related & Lew/Heroes-related 
11:59am 09/10/2006
  Well, this one's hairy. See, the link I'm about to post will probably start a flame war. In fact, it already has. There is an idiot printing out Heroes as a bound book, without Lew's permission. And another idiot telling me that Lew doesn't exist.

Now, here's the problem - you may need to scroll down to get to the meat of it. Do what you will with it.

Crosspost at will.
01:17pm 17/05/2006
  There is a rumour flying around Daria fandom that I am pregnant. I realise that I am partially to blame for having ovaries & using the words 'baby' & 'announce' in the same sentence. But it was with teaser art. In an art forum.

I sometimes forget just how moronic Daria fans really are.

In case you're wondering, the answer to that is no. I freak out when my sims breed. Me? Not a hope in hell.
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Word Finder Puzzle 
09:26am 05/04/2006
  Difficulty: Piss Easy.

Words can go backwards, forwards, up, down or diagonal. Words do not change direction.

01:35am 19/10/2005
mood: curious
By which I mean, the former Roger E. Moore.

Nice guy that he is, good writer that he surely is - and I don't just mean the stuff that the PPMB'ers drool over; this guy has been professionally published, after all.

But what is with him changing his stories to suit others' whims? When the hell did that start to happen? I don't remember him doing it to this extent before. with 'Darkness', there wasn't the need, I thought, and he's done it with others, too. I mean, when did he lose his nerve?

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07:40pm 06/09/2005
mood: cynical
Guerin is thinking about bringing back his 'Misery Senshi' again. Can somebody please, please tell my why he thinks he's even close to being a decent author?


Hopefully, if enough people vote 'No', he'll get the hint and drop the whole thing.

We can hope that, anyway.
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What the fuck is wrong with people? 
08:09pm 03/09/2005
  Okay, I've been gone from fandom (except in lurking capacity) for several years now. I can count the fic I've written since 2001 on the fingers of one hand. You'd think that, after so many years, people would have moved on by now, or at least would have better things to do than answer a simple enquiry about my whereabouts and status as per fic-writing with totally random, out-of-nowhere bitching about the relative merits of the series I put years of work into. After all this time, why can't these people leave me alone? I'm not bothering anyone!

And then, of course, when I point out that I just want to be me, not "Author Of", they completely miss the point. I am a human being, not a fic-producing machine. I have other writing projects, not to mention the job, the other hobbies, the Real Life. I'm sick to fucking death of being the so-called "Big Name Fan" and nothing else. What happened to the community that prided itself on individuality and acceptance?

Sorry. It just pisses me off that, after all this time, I'm still some people's favourite punching bag.
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This MB, that MB... (seeing as this is a place to vent) 
01:22am 24/08/2005
mood: annoyed
...No matter where it happens, this is just irritating.

The story? I posted a short HP fic to the SFMB yesterday. It had stuff to do with HP6, and was a bit 'not work safe' - and I marked it as such. No problem, I thought. So I go back today, and it's gone. No note, no explanation, nothing. I looked around various other forums, thinking that it'd been moved, due to the adult nature of the story - no dice. It was just...gone.

What the hell? If I'd broken a rule, I could understand, but I marked it with everything that would warn off someone that hadn't read HP6, or didn't like adult-themed stories, or both. So where'd it go? Did I break a rule of which I'd previously been unaware?

Thea, it's your board; did I do something wrong?

[EDIT EDIT EDIT: Found out that it was a glitch. Posted it again. Go have a look, and enjoy!]
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Not to turn this into the anti kara live journal group but... 
03:37pm 10/08/2005
  Does anyone else find it amusing that she's basically telling a person in a daria message board NOT to question authority, and to blindly do as they are told?  
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04:41pm 10/08/2005
mood: bored
Apparently, Kara's latest 'opus' is posted.

Anybody going to read it?

[EDIT: Myself, I doubt it; it's nothing against her personally, but I haven't had a look at that series in years, and it'd take too long to get into it again.]
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World enough and time. 
04:11pm 03/08/2005
mood: curious
Hello; I'm BTL, and yes, I'm still a regular on the PPMB, but if you're looking for a passionate defence of the place, look elsewhere - they ain't payn' me to defend them, after all. But I do have a question for the community:

As the entry title suggests, if you had the time and resources, which of the following would you do?

A) Take over the PPMB, and remove the people that displease you.
B) Create a rival message board, where the failings of the PPMB would be proscribed.
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The Almighty Attention-Suck 
12:03am 01/08/2005
  Am I the only one that doesn't care that Kara's nearly done the next 'Driven Wild Universe' fic? To be honest, I wouldn't mind so much if she was actually announcing that it was done and posted somewhere. As it is, saying, "Ooh, look, it's so nearly done and terribly long but it won't be out for awhile because I want to make it EXTRA SPECIAL!" just makes it sound like she's trying to see how much attention and acclaim she'll get for it.

At least I have the decency to wait until my fics are done before I announce.
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11:39pm 16/07/2005
  Yes, let's have Peter Guerin rag on Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Because Deity knows he's the expert on Roald Dahl in general and Willy Wonka in particular. Who died and made him Guardian of Art? Argh!  
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09:36pm 13/07/2005
  Can someone please explain Peter Guerin 'checking in' with everyone after the London bombing? Doesn't he live in New York State? Isn't it ... I don't know, kind of insulting to people who actually live in London to presume that people are concerned about his whereabouts and mental state after an incident that happened some three thousand miles from where he's located? Or, possibly, at all?  
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Identification and classification 
01:25am 12/07/2005
mood: curious
I'm really curious to know if anyone has classified what particular species of bug is up Kara's ass this week. (For those of you wondering what I'm referring to check for the amc interview thread, pg 2, in fanfiction at ppmb) I mean I realize it wasn't ALL about Kara but sheesh she's usually a little subtler in her bitter bitchyness.
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Thanks Scarlett 
09:00pm 07/06/2005
mood: amused
For the birthday thread, I was wondering if anyone would start one and most of the usual suspects didn't get round to it apparently (chris still hasn't remembered the day - tho he gave me presents aplenty when he was here so he gets to keep his spleen this time ;) )

Thanks again, it was very much appreciated.

Also if Tafka contacts anyone please have her get ahold of me. I know she's been offline for several days, but I need to talk with her about some sfmb stuff.
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Fuck nmorgendorffer 
03:26pm 10/05/2005
mood: furious
AIM IM with Bran
12:33 AM
Bran: Hey sweety. Wanna hear something that concerns you?
Bran: I heard from Thea how you and Natalie weren't on speaking terms.
Bran: so I IM'd her and asked her what was up
Bran: her reply?
12:35 AM
Bran: I don't know why Scarlett is harassing me, but she's being mean to me for no reason

Bran: and I got a mental picture of myself coming to you and saying with big anime eyes "Scarl why are u picking on Natalie"
Bran: I knew you'd kill me though

May I fucking scream? And beat them both with a steamroller?
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Inherent Stupidity 
02:52am 16/03/2005
  No offence to any of you here, because most of you are good friends & you seem to have the capacity to use the grey matter you were born with, but by fuck the majority of Daria fans are totally fucking brain dead.

I can't stand to be around them any longer. It hurts to even attempt to think down to that level.
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10:13pm 22/02/2005
  Do you like Daria?
Do you despise mindless idol-worshipping?
Have you read the userinfo of this community and agree with most of it?
Are you here looking to support and share and not flame?
Are you a fanfic writer for fun and not for praise?

Join us if any of the above describe you.

1. Anything friendslocked is NOT to be discussed outside of this community. Failure to comply will result in burnination.
2. We appreciate intelligence. Don't act like a stupid fuck.
3. If you want to do any pimpage- check with the muffster first. However, if you did not have to write an essay to become a member*, pimp, whore and pillage all you want.
4. *If your membership application is declined, send an email to muffinlass@livejournal.com detailing who you are, why you want to join and anything else applicable. Then I'll think about it. I see that this community could potentially become troll-ridden.
5. No pedophilia.
6. No posts defending PPMB (As in, Newpost=>"You guys are too harsh and mean"). This one's kind of unnecessary because if I though you would, you'd be rejected.
7. The sale of soap made of human fat is strictly prohibited.