Tafka (floopyboo) wrote in antippmb,

Inherent Stupidity

No offence to any of you here, because most of you are good friends & you seem to have the capacity to use the grey matter you were born with, but by fuck the majority of Daria fans are totally fucking brain dead.

I can't stand to be around them any longer. It hurts to even attempt to think down to that level.
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I think it's hysterical how they all complain about the Noggin Daria fans all the time when they aren't especially 'better'. Those Noggin fans are what kept Daria on at all, and while many of them use too much netspeak, at least they don't bask in their own arrogance and condescention unlike SOME people we know.
Every community needs new blood - especially after the basis of it has gone out of production. A community that eats too many of it's young has no future... especially compared to one that nutures it.
it'd be so nice if we could get more fans in. I mean, yeah, sure a lot of the kids show their stupidity by saying 'i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv trent hez hot!!!!!', but then a lot of older daria fans show their stupidity by opening thier mouths. ;)
And even more show their arrogance when crticized. Case in point, Steven Galloway. Is there any argument here about Darren Appleton being a Mary Sue? Cuz there sure is an argument with Stevie. And all I said was...

"Darren Appleton. If that's not a Mary Sue"

Then he went off. I just stayed out of it. Sure, it would have been fun to take him down a peg or two. But I'm trying to keep my sanity.
Write up a rant. Friends-lock it. I'll enjoy it. It's been far too long since I saw you speak your mind about someone's double standards.

To friends-lock, go to the security drop down in the options panel of your post, and select 'friends', and then only people who are members of this community can see what you've written.
After careful consideration, I have decided NOT to do a rant. I WILL, however, point out that Darren Appleton is written to be bettr than the canon characters, is everything Stevie wishes he could be (intelligent, handsome, rich), he gets most of the best lines, and is central to the plot.

in best weakest link voice: Darren Appleton, you ARE a Mary Sue. Goodbye.
Damn.... well, I'm sure you'll write up a good, solid rant when you're ready to.