SKARLIT (scarrrrlett) wrote in antippmb,


Do you like Daria?
Do you despise mindless idol-worshipping?
Have you read the userinfo of this community and agree with most of it?
Are you here looking to support and share and not flame?
Are you a fanfic writer for fun and not for praise?

Join us if any of the above describe you.

1. Anything friendslocked is NOT to be discussed outside of this community. Failure to comply will result in burnination.
2. We appreciate intelligence. Don't act like a stupid fuck.
3. If you want to do any pimpage- check with the muffster first. However, if you did not have to write an essay to become a member*, pimp, whore and pillage all you want.
4. *If your membership application is declined, send an email to detailing who you are, why you want to join and anything else applicable. Then I'll think about it. I see that this community could potentially become troll-ridden.
5. No pedophilia.
6. No posts defending PPMB (As in, Newpost=>"You guys are too harsh and mean"). This one's kind of unnecessary because if I though you would, you'd be rejected.
7. The sale of soap made of human fat is strictly prohibited.
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