Thessalian (thessalian) wrote in antippmb,

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Okay, I've been gone from fandom (except in lurking capacity) for several years now. I can count the fic I've written since 2001 on the fingers of one hand. You'd think that, after so many years, people would have moved on by now, or at least would have better things to do than answer a simple enquiry about my whereabouts and status as per fic-writing with totally random, out-of-nowhere bitching about the relative merits of the series I put years of work into. After all this time, why can't these people leave me alone? I'm not bothering anyone!

And then, of course, when I point out that I just want to be me, not "Author Of", they completely miss the point. I am a human being, not a fic-producing machine. I have other writing projects, not to mention the job, the other hobbies, the Real Life. I'm sick to fucking death of being the so-called "Big Name Fan" and nothing else. What happened to the community that prided itself on individuality and acceptance?

Sorry. It just pisses me off that, after all this time, I'm still some people's favourite punching bag.
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