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antippmb's Journal

The Anti-HappyfuntimeDariaFandom Daria Fans
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This is a rant palace, a sanctuary, a house of realism.

We do not:
1. Support the 'goldens' of Daria fandom just because everyone worships them.
a) Ignore the deviations the aforementioned think they can get away with.
2. Automatically say a fanfic is wonderful. In fact, we often have numerous criticisms for it and deflate your ego faster than PPMBers can inflate it.
3. Put up with trolls.
4. Post the same thing thirty times where no one cares.
5. All think 'ohemgee dareeyuh cud b my twin, yo. Im sarkastik 2!!!!!!!'
6. Speak louder when we have a personal issue with someone than we do when we have defense.

Please read the rules before joining. It'll make all of our lives happier.

Feel free to talk about Daria, post art, fanfic or random rants about anything. We'll listen. And we won't say 'Yes, you're so right' all the time either. Membership is strictly moderated to ensure the safety of this forum. Friends Only posting is encouraged. Save your unfounded, random bitchings about people in this community for that boardwedon'tvisit.

For undeserved praise for anything, go here.