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This MB, that MB... (seeing as this is a place to vent)

...No matter where it happens, this is just irritating.

The story? I posted a short HP fic to the SFMB yesterday. It had stuff to do with HP6, and was a bit 'not work safe' - and I marked it as such. No problem, I thought. So I go back today, and it's gone. No note, no explanation, nothing. I looked around various other forums, thinking that it'd been moved, due to the adult nature of the story - no dice. It was just...gone.

What the hell? If I'd broken a rule, I could understand, but I marked it with everything that would warn off someone that hadn't read HP6, or didn't like adult-themed stories, or both. So where'd it go? Did I break a rule of which I'd previously been unaware?

Thea, it's your board; did I do something wrong?

[EDIT EDIT EDIT: Found out that it was a glitch. Posted it again. Go have a look, and enjoy!]
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